Lost sim card

by Grace

February 22th, 2017


Hello, I lost my SIM card but want to keep my phone number (010-2837-4631).


If I come to Insadong office can I buy a new sim card but keep my phone #? Also how much will it cost, and can I pay with a debit card or only cash?


Thank you!



If you want to keep using this number, you need to buy a Gong usim at Olleh plaza.
And let us know the Gong usim number(8982-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxF).
Gong usim is a simcard which is not tied with phone number yet.
And Nano gong usim is 8,800krw and Dual simcard is 5,500krw.

And you can buy a Gong usim at our head office in Insa-dong but we will support the services for visitors till this Friday only.
So if you possible to visit until this Friday, it will be okay, but it's not possible, you need to go to Olleh plaza.