Voice & Data Charges


Local Calls

Including VAT

Charges Calls
(Including video calls)
No Monthly Fee 4.4 won / sec 22 won / sent 33 won / sent 220 won / sent
  • - FREE incoming calls
  • - International SMS/LMS/MMS is not available

International Calls

Top quality international phone anytime, anywhere! Don't worry about time and place! Use it enconomically!

National Rates


Rates by Country

This is the actual charge including VAT

Country code 00780 Rate
Rates/Sec. Rates/Min.


Meter Rate

Including VAT

Charges KT Wi-Fi Zone
61.44 won / MB Not Available

Flat Rate (per month)

Including VAT

The price of the Data Option is deducted from stored Voice Balance
Ex) if voice Balance contains 15,000won and you purchase 500MB data,
Then your Voice Balance would be 4,000won and Data Balance 500MB
Data option Vaidity period price Free KT Wi-Fi
100MB 30 Days 5,500won Not Available
500MB 30 Days 11,000won Available
1GB 30 Days 16,500won Available