Basic Plan

by Hannah

February 19th, 2017


I am interested in the Basic Plan but have a couple of questions before making my purchase. According to the website, the Basic Plan appears to come with 1 GB of data and a balance of 10,000 KRW for calls. To actually use the data, do I first need to transfer the balance of 10,000 KRW + an additional 6,500 KRW (a brief search indicates 1 GB of data requires 16,500 KRW) OR will the Basic Plan purchase automatically give me 1 GB of data and 10,000 KRW for calls from the get-go?


I would like to assume the latter, but my complicated experience with EG Sim last year with a different plan compels me to ask this specific question before making my purchase.






If you buy a simcard with Basic plan via online, you will receive the package product including 1GB and 10,000krw.
So you don't need to transfer credit for data.
But if you need more data after finishing 1GB, you need to transfer your credit from your voice account if there is enough balance.

Please note that one person can use only one simcard.
So if you used our simcard last year, you need to cancel your old number before you make an order.