etc How long does Local Delivery Service usually take after online purchase?
It usually takes 2-3 business days to arrive at your designated place in Korea
after you submitted the order.
Top up Can I check balance and recharge from overseas?

You can check your balance and recharge on EG simcard website.

Check Balance: My account / Top up: Recharge > Voice

Or you can check and recharge by global credit card through our app "eg simcard"

SIM Up to how many EG SIM CARD can I buy?
One person can only purchase and use one sim card with his/her own passport.
Top up How do I apply for data plan?

you can apply for a data plan through the website or apps.

With EG SIM CARD, you don’t need to purchase data plan separately, just transfer your Voice balance in your account to Data at Recharge > Data.

For example,

1) Suppose your Voice balance is 20,000 KRW.

2) Apply for 500MB(9.000 KRW) data from Voice balance.

3) After transfer, your Voice balance is 11,000 KRM & Data balance is 9,000 KRM with 500MB data plan.

Our data plans are as below.

1) 5GB is 30,000krw (Olleh wi-fi is available, 30 day-Validity)

2) 2GB is 19,000krw (Olleh wi-fi is available, 30 day-Validity)

3) 1GB is 13,500krw (Olleh wi-fi is available, 30 day-Validity),   

4) 500MB is 9,000krw (Olleh wi-fi is available, 30 day-Validity),

Rate Plan How much is charged for international calls?
Charges for international calls (by country):

Get more information consult through bottom Facebook
Phone What Should I do if EG SIM CARD does not work on my phone?
Restart your phone 3-4 times with wifi off, data roaming off, data network on.
After that, if there's a still problem, please contact us after checking your imei.

You can find IMEI by pressing *#06# on the keypad of your device.

* Hotline : 1899-6120

- Monday to Friday : 10:00 ~ 19:00

* Facebook : facebook.com/egsimcard (Weekdays only at 09:00-18:00)

* Email : egsim@codemobile.co.kr(Weekdays only at 09:00-18:00)  

etc Why the price of EG SIM CARD varies among convenience stores?
Convenience stores have different plans and services prepared, with fair price according to our policy.
Refund Can I demand refund for leftover balance?

Because it is a prepaid service, we cannot refund the leftover balance. Please order according to your travel plan.

Get more information consult through bottom Facebook

SIM What do I need when I collect my EG SIM CARD at a collecting place?

You must have your passport to collect your EG SIM CARD at a collecting place.

In case of wrong passport number, bring a printed copy of your order confirmation email.

Refund What is the refund condition for EG SIM CARD?

Refund is available from the place you bought/picked it up within 2 weeks from the date you bought/picked it up with the receipt when you return your simcard to the store.

You cannot get a refund if you damaged your SIM card on purpose or once Voice or Data is used.

Because the refund condition might vary by convenience stores,

you must visit the store you made your purchase for refund.

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