- Delivery Order : The SIM card will be activated automatically after 9AM on the next business day of the delivery request date.
- Country Lock mobile phone is not available, please check before purchase.
- For foreigners only.
- Supported Frequencies : 2100 MHz, 1800 MHz, 900 MHz
- 4G LTE Unlimited DATA product.(Speeds restricted to a maximum of 3Mbps after exceeding 15GB)
- 3G mobile phones cannot be used. (4G and 5G mobile phones can be used)
- Unavailable to use Call, SMS service.
- It is a non-chargeable product.
- m-VoIP (Kakao & LINE Voice Talk, Face Time, etc.) service available within the amount of data.
-SIM card can be shipped In South Korea only.


Type Price Use period
DATA ONLY 3 Days KRW 12,500 KRW 12,500 3days
DATA ONLY 5 Days KRW 19,500 KRW 19,500 5days
DATA ONLY 10 Days KRW 28,000 KRW 28,000 10days
DATA ONLY 30 Days KRW 52,500 KRW 52,500 30days

How to use SIM

- STEP 1 Check if country lock is closed
- STEP 2 Visit pick up place Required Documents: Identification Card (Passport, Alien Registration Card)
- STEP 3 Receive SIM Card / Availability Test (You can use the service after checking the availability at the pick up point)
※ If the No service or No displayed, contact the customer service center (1899-6120 OR Facebook Message to ID 'EGSimcard')