Providing Personal Information & consent of using

[Required] Agree to use personal information collection
purpose part retention period
Identification and identity verification Last name, first name, period of service,
place of pick up / return, memo
6 months after service termination
Handling customer grievances such as
contact for complaints and complaints
Contacts (email, contacts) 6 months after service termination
Used for settlement of product purchase
and billing
Company of Card, signature of card 6 months after service termination
Device information IMEI Code 6 months after service termination
By purchasing EGSIM, you agree to all terms and conditions of CODE MOBILE.

※ This is the minimum amount of personal information required to provide the service, so you have to give your consent to use the service.

Agreements on the consignment of personal information to be processed

[Required] Consent to Processing Consignment of Personal Information
category purpose
I Inc. i trip Maintain and manage homepage reservation system
Paygate Credit card payment and online payment agency

Entering Buyer Information

* User ID (Email)
( Must be numeric or alphabetical characters contained '@' )
* password

(Must be between 8 and 10 alphanumeric characters)
* reconfirm password

Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

※ Please write the name registered in your passport in English capital letters.
* First name
* Last name
※ Please enter your contact information as numbers without ‘-’.
* Contact number
* Your Country
* Your Passport No.
* Entry date

(This information is only used for checking actual entry confirmation)
* Copy of Your Passport
egsimcard Passport Sample
  • Please upload the copy of your valid passport to confirm your identity.
  • If the information on your passport does not match with the information you filled in above, your
    order will be suspended. Please ensure you have filled in Billing/Shipping Address correctly.
  • Any personal indentifying information that you submit to us remains secure and will never be
    transmitted to any third party.

Selecting Products and Shipping Destinations

* Type

* Pick up location

※ Reduction of pick up place
Due to the corona virus, it is only possible to receive products through the head office.
※ Reduction of available
on 10AM ~ 12PM / 2PM ~ 5PM(business days only)

※ Delivery Order : The SIM card will be activated automatically after 9AM on the next business day of the delivery request date.
※ Delivery Order : The SIM card will be activated automatically after 9AM on the next business day of the delivery request date.
Type price Quantity total delete
Total amount of payment 0won


* Amount(KRW)
* Payment Option
  • We accept the following global credit card : Visa, Master, JCB, AMEX
  • All payments will be handled in a secure way by the international payment provider Pay Gate.