etc Can I use hotspot after recharging data?

With Data balance, you can use hotspot as your balance is being deducted.

etc Can I extend Validity Period for data?

Data service is always available for 30 days only from the date you top it up.

And once Extending Validity Period Service (for 30 days) is applied,

we cannot extend the period.

etc What shoud I do when EG SIM CARD app. does not work?

When EG SIM CARD app. does not work, please contact us with your phone number.

* Hotline : 1899-6120

- Monday to Friday : 10:00 ~ 19:00

* Facebook : facebook.com/egsimcard (Weekdays only at 09:00-18:00)

* Email : egsim@codemobile.co.kr(Weekdays only at 09:00-18:00

etc What do I need to do when I got a new phone?

Put your simcard into your new device, and restart the phone 3-4 times with wifi off, data roaming off, data network on.

After that, if it doesn't work, check your imei by pressing *#06# on the keypad of your device and contact us.

For free olleh wifi, please check your new Wi-Fi MAC and contact us.

* Hotline : 1899-6120

- Monday to Friday : 10:00 ~ 19:00

* Facebook : facebook.com/egsimcard (Weekdays only at 09:00-18:00)

* Email : egsim@codemobile.co.kr(Weekdays only at 09:00-18:00)

etc Can I use international calls? How do make a international call with EG Sim card ?

If you contact us, we will unblock it.

How to make international calls:

(1) Dial 00780

(2) Enter nation code + telephone number 

etc Where are EG SIM CARD Collecting places? Can I buy EG SIM CARD from offline shops?

You can collect your EG SIM CARD at collecting places, click here to see

the list with business hours information.

You can purchase prepaid EG SIM CARD at convenience stores and

EG Mobile offices near many of the famous tourists’ spots in Korea.

Click here to see the full list of places.

etc To receive EG SIM CARD on the desired date, when should I order it online?

1. Local Delivery Service usually takes upto 3 business days to arrive at

your assigned place after you submitted the order.

To make sure, we insist you order your item 5 days prior to your arrival date.

2. To receive your EG SIM CARD on your desired date,

it is safe to make the request 2 days before.

etc Can Koreans buy and use ES SIM CARD?
If you are a Korean passport holder, you cannot use EG SIM CARD.
Instead, you can use EG CARD at our head office in seolleung..

etc I can make calls, but the internet does not work. What should I do?

You need to check your data balance.

Even if there is data, if you cannot use the internet, you need to set up NEW APN as below.

* How to set up new APN for ANDROID version

Please go to menu>settings>mobile network>access point names>new APN. And input as below.


- APN: alwayson.ktfwing.com

- MCC: 450

- MNC: 08

- MMSC: http://mmsc.ktfwing.com:9082

After saving new APN, please switch off & on your phone several times.

* How to set up new APN for IOS version

If wifi is available, please use "Safari" and access to "http://www.unlockit.co.nz"

After access, please choose [Create APN], and then select mobile carrier as "KT"

And press [Create APN] button, and there will be the message "Installation of Profile"

Please install it and then reboot your device. Then you can access to internet.

etc How can I download EG SIM CARD App.?

For Android phone:

Play Store > Search EG SIM CARD > Download

For iPhone:

App Store > Search EG SIM CARD > Download
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