[ EG SIM CARD REVIEW EVENT ] Winners Announcement

April 9th, 2014 / views 13924

Hello ! 

Today is the day !
We would like to say a big thanks to everyone who participated!
Now, we would like to announce the winner of EG SIM Card review event.

If you are the winner,
Please send us your name and message like “I won free EG top-up card”
to our email address : for confirm your prize before 30 April 2014(invalid when expiry).

We will send back a 11 digits EG PIN Code to your email address.
* This EG PIN code is our top-up code to use when you recharge your prepaid account.
* How to top up your account with EG PIN Code:

Keep your eyes on our Facebook and looking forward to our coming event.

Thank you^^

[The winners]

1st places 100,000 KRW (1 person)

Natty NaZza

2nd places 50,000 KRW (4 persons)

Heidi Wong
Stephanie Chu
Phenix Kuo

3rd places 30,000 KRW (5 persons)

Napadon Tang
Vanice Loo
Enny Pitar

4th places 10,000 KRW (50 persons)

Vivian Lai
Hlc Desire
Sophia Wang
Jae H. Park
William Leung
Yu-fen Yu
Sarah Poon
Lazy Fung
Azmahani Azmi
Biblia Antiquarian
Cheya Jor
Heejin Peeaches Han
Alina Hoon
Douglas Knell
Grace Neo
Jimmy Neutron Cheang
Estee Amanda Tan
Yvonne Gan
Esie Tai
Monica Liao
Audrey Lung
Lucas Tsoi
Momoko Chang
Rmoon Zeng
Alice Su
Cat Noodle
Rebecca Chen
William Leung
Yu-fen Yu
Roy Lam
Adah Fong
Judy Cheng
Kalen J. Yip
Leung Lee Ngar
Irene Chan
Phenix Kuo
Heekyung Chung
Sin Kam
Danna Tong
Zoe Chan
Edith Chong
Jason Law
Rita Tsai
Choi Lok Yan