...the Prepaid Data Plus service will be removed...

by JOB

February 24th, 2018


Dear EGSIM Team,

I bought your SIM CARD with 5gb data plan via this site on 22/2/18 and I have picked up the SIM CARD at the Incheon airport. Today I received this following message:

충전데이터플러스 이용안내
[KT Notice]Dear valued customer,

 이지모바일 You are currently subscribed to EGM Prepaid Data 5G(Prepaid Data Plus 100M), a service which lets you purchase only the amount of data that you wish to use. To activate your service, please add credit by end of day tomorrow. If credit is not added by that time, the Prepaid Data Plus service will be removed. (The service will be removed at midnight, and a notice of discontinuation will be sent the next morning.) Data services will not be accessible until credit is added. Any data used after the service is automatically removed will be charged at the standard metered rate.)

Please note that credit added to the account will be usable for 30 days, and cannot be canceled or refunded.

Thank you for using KT mobile communication services.

I wonder what is going on, I just bought your SIM CARD that supposed to valid for 30 days for 2 days and now you want me to top it up ? Please clarify this situation.

Thank you,
Atit T.