about saving plan

by sik

February 25th, 2017


i want to know the difference between saving plan and basic plan. 

can i use 1GB 16500 won by using saving plan within paid 20000won?


*It sometimes happens that your phone still is not working
after trying to do start-up procedure due to not being connected our wireless Network.
In advance, you will have to request your device details information so that
we will register yours info to the network management system.

Requests Procedures is as below.

Step 1 : Open the browser
Step 2 : Visit our website: http:// www.egsimcard.co.kr
Step 3 : Tap My account > Check Phone Number.
(1) Enter phone number on the sim card envelope.
(2) Tap the ‘here’ at the network (Trouble shoot wireless problem)
(3) Enter last 3digits serial no. on the sim card label.

(except character “F”)
Step 4 : Fill in the application form.
(1) Enter IMEi and Wi-Fi Mac address and phone model name
(2) Tap the Register button
(3) How to find out these info above?
: you can get these details in the setting apps on your own phone.
More about details :http://koreasimblog.blogspot.kr/2013/04/guide-to-setting-up-setting-up-internet.html

Step 5: We will register your device details information requested above within business hours below.
(1) It is processing time only less than 10 minutes.
(2) Business hours for registering device details information
- Monday to Friday : 9:00 ~ 22:00
- Weekend & Holidays : 9:00 ~ 18:00
(3) We will process your application after 09:00 next day if you submit your request after our business hours.

Step 6: Reboots your phone if the procedures is completed.
- You may get some message or pop-up and so on if connected to the network signal and then reboots your phone.
- System will send an email to you if the registration successful.

* Tracking Information
You may track the progress of this application by accessing onto www.egsimcard.co.kr ,
(1) Click Home > My Account > Check phone number.
(2) Enter your phone number. (omit “-“)
(3) Click “here” at Network (the troubleshoot wireless problem).
(4) Enter your sim number last 3 digits.
(5) You can check if your application completed or not.



If you buy a simcard with Saving plan, there will be 15,000krw for voice calling without data.
20,000krw is the price of simcard package product.
So if you want to use 1GB, you need to recharge 10,000krw additionally after picking up the simcard.
And then apply for 1GB, then 16,500krw will be subtracted from your voice credit 26,500krw
and you can make phone calls with 8,500krw.