Expiry of sim card

by Zed

February 1th, 2017




I have a sim card that I got in July 2016. I checked the phone number on the website and it states that the voice expiry date is 2017-01-24, does that mean I can no longer use this sim card or can I just top up some money and I can still use it instead of getting a new sim card? My number is 010-2953-3856


Hi, this is EGSIMCARD. Actually your sim card should have been terminated already cause you did not top up the card for a long time. But I think it's the system error so that you can still check the number. You need to top up the voice credit before 9th Mar (Seoul time) to keep the number activated. And the you can use the card if the device recognize the sim card in Korea after recharging the voice credit.