Sim card status and expiray date issue


November 16th, 2016


 Thanks for your reply.


My name in passport is WONG YEE FAI.


So, if i want to use a nano sim card, i have to cancel the existing one???




Thank for your reply. My name in passport is WONG YEE FAI. So, if i want to use a nano sim card, i have to cancel the existing one?    I have purchased 2 sim cards last year. And i checked that one sim card is still valid (phone no.: 01027844396). I would like to confirm that I can still use this sim card, right? This sim car will expire on 2016-12-09. If I re-charge this sim card, will the expiray date extend?  Also, I would like to know that why another sim card will expire? If i want to purchase a nano sim and would like to keep it for using a longer period, how can i do it?   Thank you.    


Hi, another number has already been terminated. If you want to use a new nono sim card, you have to cancel the number 01027844396.