Paid for recharge but no credit applied


November 6th, 2016



I picked up my EG sim card at Incheon Airport Arex desk btw 8-9 doors.  

Paid for extra credit 20000W got an receipt but only 8 numbers on it and all in Korean.  

The 20000w has not been credited to my simcard  


Phone number is 01073084884 


the card itself was free of charge and I asked for a refill and paid 20000w for that . 


Thks for Pincodes

No I never received them.

Another thing its very akward that you cant top up dataplan until its totaly empty.

It means I have to stop in the middle of a KTX booking fex and top up plan.






Hi, sorry but since the data plan can not be added up, you need to terminate the current plan or use up the data to apply for a new one. It's KT's policy.