Extending the validity


January 21th, 2016


Is there an option for me to extend the validity of my voice balance?   

My voice balance expiry date is over (2016년 10월 18일)   


I still have over 80,000원 balance in my SIM card, will I be able to use the 80,000원 balance to apply for data when I visit Korea on December 2016?   


If I recharge 10,000원 in December, will my voice balance become 90,000원?   





Update: My EG Sim Card number is 010 - 2726 9514  



Hi, this is EGSIMCARD. The number will be kept until 1st Dec, that means, if you don't recharge the voice credit before 1st Dec, the number will be totally terminated on 2nd Dec. The voice cretid will be added up. And you can use the voice balance to apply for a data plan. Thank you.