SIM Where can I buy EG SIM CARD?
You can purchase prepaid EG SIM CARD online with
voice & data plan before you arrived in Korea at Buy > Online.

You can also purchase prepaid EG SIM CARD at convenience stores and EG Mobile offices near
many of the famous tourists’ spots in Korea.

Click here to see the full list of places.
SIM What SIM Card types/sizes do you provide?
We provide 2 types of EG SIM CARD; Dual for Regular & Micro / Nano SIM.
The type of SIM you need depends on your mobile phone model.
Dimensions of each SIM card are listed below:

- Regular SIM: 15mm x 10mm
- Micro SIM: 10mm x 10mm
- Nano SIM: 5mm x 5mm (for iPhone5/iPhone5S/iPhone5C)
Phone Will my phone work with EG SIM CARD?
You are certainly able to use EG SIM CARD with your phone if your phone is applicable to below requirements:
1. Compatibility
- Most 3G wireless providers in Korea use the UMTS/HSDPA
frequency of 2100 MHz, make sure your phone supports this frequency in order to enjoy full 3G speed.
2. Unlocked phone

- You must have an unlocked phone to use EG SIM CARD in
South Korea. If your phone is locked, you will not be able to use our service.
To find out the status, please contact your mobile provider.