About Purchasing How do I use the Collection Place Service when ordering online ?

You can pick up EG SIM card at specific pick up places below when you buy it via online with using your global credit card at least 2 days before.

1) Where are pick up places ? 

- ICN Airport : AREX desk, AREX Travel center
- ICN international Port Passenger Terminal : ICN Int'l Trading

- Gimhae  international airport : Mobi telecom

- Seoul Station : Premium Travel Center, AREX Travel center

- Myeongdong : EG Mobile agency 

- Insadong : EG Mobile's head office. 

- For further details :  


2) When will you provide me with my local Korean number ?  

You will get know it when you pick up the sim card at a pick up place.

3) How much is it ?  

It depends on the plan you choose. 
    -Awesome plan(60,000krw / 5GB+voice balance 11,000krw)
   - Basic plan Talk(50,000krw / 2GB+voice balance 20,000krw)
   - Talk plan(30,000krw / 1GB+voice balance 10,000krw)
   - Saving plan(voice balance 15,000krw without data)

4) How do I use data service ?

  -Awesome plan(60,000krw / 5GB+voice balance 11,000krw)

   - Basic plan Talk(50,000krw / 2GB+voice balance 20,000krw)
   - Talk plan(30,000krw / 1GB+voice balance 10,000krw)
   - Saving plan(voice balance 15,000krw without data)

You can use both voice calling and data depends on the plan you choose.  

 If you choose Saving plan but want to use data, you can use 500MB or 100MB. Or you can use 1GB, or 2GB, or 3GB, or 5GB after additional recharge to your voice account and transferring credit from your voice balance to data 
by yourself via our apps or website. 

-- Here are our data plans.

For 30 days validity period, we offer 3 different data plan depending on the amount of data you need.


1) 5GB is 44,000krw (Olleh wi-fi is available, 30 day-Validity)

2) 3GB is 33,000krw (Olleh wi-fi is available, 30 day-Validity)

3) 2GB is 22,000krw (Olleh wi-fi is available, 30 day-Validity)

4) 1GB is 16,500krw (Olleh wi-fi is available, 30 day-Validity),    

5) 500MB is 11,000krw (Olleh wi-fi is available, 30 day-Validity), 

6) 100MB is 5,500krw (Olleh wi-fi is unavailable, 30 day-Validity)


Please note that 

· Data charges are non-refundable while using the data service,

· Data balance will not be carried forward next month,

· Data balance will not be added when you transfer data from your voice account while in use.

· If your voice credit has zero balance or data credit has zero balance, you can't use data temporarily until you top up for voice or data.

5) Will I have to activate Sim Card ?  

You don't need to activate it before use when you buy it online.

6) How to collect sim card at the collection places above ?

When you drop by collection place, you have only to show your passport to verify your real name and collect sim card and then the shopkeeper will transfer voice account to data balance to use data for you, as I mentioned above, you can use it immediately. 

Am I supposed to receive a confirmation email with the order number?  

It is possible to to check/receive your order again on our website. 

(1) Visit our website and login 

(2) Click Home > My account > Order history.


8) Am I supposed to place an order again when my payment was failed during the order processing?  

There no need to place an order again, it is possible to make a payment again on our website. 

(1) Visit our website and login 

(2) Click Home > My account > Order history.

(3) Click the red button in the payment item.

(4) Fill up the necessary information on webpage and follow webpage instructions to complete order transaction.

(5) That’s all.


About Purchasing How do I get EG SIM Card after online purchase?

There are two ways to get EG simcard after online purchase.

1) Pick up at a Pick up place
You can pick it up at a Pick up place within pick up places’ business hours. 

2) Local Delivery Service
You can make it deliver and receive it at your designated address 

About Purchasing How do I find out if my phone is unlocked ?
In order to use Korean simcard in Korea, device should be unlocked. You can check it through your current mobile carrier in your country before you come to Korea.

Whereas a locked cell phone will only accept SIM cards from its current provider, an unlocked cell phone will accept a SIM card from any service provider. (This is very useful if you want to use your phone abroad, for example.) To identify an unlocked cell phone, follow these steps.

Step 1
Power down your cell phone, remove the battery cover and battery, then look for the SIM card.
1)  If you cannot find a SIM card in the back, look for one in the side or top of the phone. It may be covered by a small plastic flap. On some models, you will need to open the flap with a pin.
2) If your cell phone operates without a SIM card, it is a CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access) phone, as opposed to the more common GSM (Global System for Mobile communication). CDMAs cannot be unlocked.

Step 2 
Insert a different service provider's SIM card into your phone and close it back up. For example, if you have TMobile, insert a Cingular SIM card. The easiest way to do this is to borrow a phone from a friend.

Step 3 
Power up your phone.

Step 4
Try to access the phone book or make a call. If the phone functions normally, you have an unlocked cell phone. If it says “Restricted,” “Contact Service Provider,” etc. (in other words , doesn’t allow you to access your phone book or make calls), you have a locked phone that won’t accept other SIM cards from other providers.

- further more info : 
About Purchasing What kind of sim do I need in my phone ?
When you make an order EG simcard via online, you will have the option to choose a simcard type: Dual simcard(Regular& Micro) or Nano simcard. The type of SIM you require will depend on your mobile phone. 

* Identifying SIM 

A Micro simcard is smaller than Regular simcard. Also Nano simcard is smaller than Micro simcard. That means that Nano simcard is the smallest one. Dimensions of them are as below.

1) Regular SIM : 25mm x 15mm
2) Micro SIM : 15mm x 12mm
3) Nano SIM : 12.30mm x 8.8mm

* Does my own phone require a Micro SIM?

Most smartphones still use Dual simcard. But newer smartphones nowadyays use the Nano simcard.

You can search it through the internet with phone model.
(ex: iPhone 6 simcard)

There are a number of ways to identify
if your handset requires a Micro SIM:

1) Check your phone’s manual 
: The instruction manual that came with your phone will state
whether a Micro SIM is required

2) Check the manufacturer website 
:  If you don't have your manual to hand you can find
an electronic version on the manufacture website. 

3) Measure your existing SIM 
: If you currently have a SIM card in your phone, you can remove the card and measure it. The dimensions of the different SIM cards are detailed above.

We have listed below the most popular phones that use a Micro SIM. 
Please note the iPhone 5 uses a Nano SIM that we currently do support.

Galaxy Note 2/3 , Galaxy Note , Galaxy S III , Galaxy S III Mini , Galaxy S IV /V 

* Apple
iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S

Desire X, Droid Incredible 4G LTE, HTC Sensation, One X, One S,
Windows Phone 8X, Windows Phone 8S

RAZRi, XT910

Nexus 4 , LG Optimus G , LG Optimus G Pro , LG Optimus GK , LG P940 ,

Lumia 610, Lumia 800, Lumia 820, Lumia 900

Xperia S, Xperia T, Xperia P, Xperia V, Xperia Z

We have also listed below the most popular phones that use a regular SIM.

Galaxy S , Galaxy S1 , Galaxy s2 , Galaxy S2 plus , Galaxy Note 1
Galaxy Note 8.0 , Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 , Galaxy Tab 7.7 , Galaxy Tab2 7.0
Galaxy Ace , GALAXY Ace 2 , Galaxy S2 WiMax , Samsung Galaxy Nexus

iPhone 2 , iPhone 3 GS

L07 Optimus , Optimus LTE2 (F160K) , p880 Optimus 4x hd , LG CF360

HD2, Incredible S, Incredible S S710e, Titan2, PI186100

Ericsson GT1900, Ericsson LT18i, Walkman

N73, N95, 5800W, E52

Milestone, Photon 4G

9900, Torch 9850
E585, E586, HWE5331

Lenovo S720i


Xiaomi 2s
About Purchasing Will my phone work with your service?

You are certainly able to use EG SIM card with your phone if your phone is applicable to below requirements.    

1) Compatible phone 

- Most 3G wireless providers in Korea use the UMTS/HSDPA frequency of 2100 MHz.

- Make sure your phone supports this frequency in order to have full 3G speed.

- Make sure your phone supports Windows, Android and iOS. 

2) Unlocked phone 

You must have an unlocked phone to use EG sim card in South Korea.

- If your phone is not unlocked, you will not be able to use our service. If you would like to check your status, please contact your mobile provider.

- To identify an unlocked phone :

etc Can I hand over my EG SIM Card to others?
It is not possible to transfer your sim to others, because it's illegal in Korea according to the Telecommunication business Act.
The service will be suspended when customers' information including device information is changed.  
etc My new phone uses different size SIM card. What should I do?
If you want to keep using your current phone number and balance in it,
you need to buy a Gong usim at Olleh plaza let us know the number of Gong usim.
Then we will change the information of simcard.
Gong usim is a simcard which is not tied with any phone number yet.

Or you can buy a Gong usim at our head office and change the information on the spot at Insa-dong.

Hotline : 1899-6120
   - Monday to Friday : 09:00 ~ 18:00

    - Weekends & Holidays : 9:00 ~ 18:00

* Facebook : facebook.com/egsimcard (Weekdays only at 09:00-18:00)

* Email : egsim@egmobile.co.kr(Weekdays only at 09:00-18:00)   

etc Do I receive a confirmation mail after I ordered EG SIM CARD online?
We will send you a confirmation email with your order number
within 10 mins after your order is completed.
etc Can I use Olleh Wi-Fi only, without Data balance?
You can Olleh Wi-Fi for free with data plan (500MB or more) only.
Without Data balance, you cannot use Olleh Wi-Fi.
Please note that whenever you top up new data with 500MB or more, you need to re-register your wifi mac address again.

- Hot line : 1899-6120
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/egsimcard
- Email: egsim@egmobile.co.kr
etc When I checked my balance, I have enough Data balance and zero Voice balance. Why can not I use internet?
Our main service is a voice calling and data service is an optional service.
So if your Voice balance is zero, you can’t use Data temporarily even if there is data balance.
But if you recharge your voice balance again, you can use your remaining data again.
Don't make your voice balance comes to zero.

And even if there is data but if your phone number is expired, you can not use data also.
You can use data again by recharging your voice balance again.

To use Data normally, go to recharge > Voice balance for ‘Balance Transfer’ through our app "eg simcard.
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