download the "EG SIM Card" application from the Android, IOS app store

start the "EG SIM" app

select Language

Enter your mobile no.

click Top-up

click Top-up button for voice or Data


select Data product

select Data product


Visit EG SIM Web Click Recharge Click button for voice or Data

- Data service is available for 30 days only from the date you top it up.
- Data recharge service is available when there is no remaining data.
- Once you top up new data, your existing data will be gone. So apply for a new data plan after finishing data.
- If you cancel it by mistake when there is some data, refund for existing data is not available.
- Even if there is remaining data, if your voice balance comes to 0krw, you cannot use data service temporarily. But if you recharge your voice credit additionally, you can use your data again.