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eg sim card product img1
eg sim card product img1
Rate (Included vat)
- Local (Min) : 264/Min
- International(Min) : USA : 72.6 / Hong Kong : 79.2 / China : 66 / Singapore : 468.6Checking calling Rate
- DATA : 61.44/ MB
* EG SIM is available for 90days after activation.
SIM Card Value:
SIM Card Type:
DUAL SIZE ONLY (Dual Sim : Standard & Micro Size Sim Card)
If you need nano size, please ask for SIM cut at pick up location. (Pickup orders only)
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Please note ~

* It is not possible to change your order once it has been submitted, including the size of simcard, or plan, etc.
* Overlapping purchase is not available. Only one simcard is available under each passport(only 1 number per head)
* EG SIMs are available for foreigners ONLY(EG SIM은 외국인 전용으로 내국인 및 한국 국적 포함 이중국적자는 이용 불가) EG SIMs are NOT available for Korean, Dual nationality holders including Korean nationality, Holders of Alien Registration card or Report card of Domestic Place of Residence of a Foreign nationality Korean, Crew members of Aircraft or Ships, or Members of US Armed Forces.
* Data recharge service is available when there is no remaining data. Once you top up new data, your existing data will be gone. So apply for a new data plan after finishing data. If you cancel it by mistake when there is some data, refund for existing data is not available. Data service is available for 30 days only from the date you top it up. Even if there is remaining data, if your voice balance comes to 0krw, you cannot use data service temporarily. But if you recharge your voice credit additionally, you can use your data again.
* When you use wifi service at WIFI zone, please turn off Cellular data & Data network service of Menu. Otherwise, data may be used due to the automatic upgrade of mobile.
* By purchasing EG SIM, you confirm your acceptance of all Terms and Conditions of EG Mobile.

Return Policy

  • If there is something wrong with EG SIM you have received, please contact at Customer Center.
    1. E-mail:
    2. Facebook:
    3. Customer Center: +82-1899-6120
  • When contacting us for a refund, please be sure to check your personal information such as order number, passport number, email address, or Korean phone number.
  • All products must be returned in the original packaging with all original contents included. Otherwise, refund won’t be available.
  • You must pay for the freight to return EG SIM. For the return process, please refer to the below:

Return Process

  1. egsimcard return process1 1. Prepare our address and phone number.
  2. egsimcard return process2 2. Prepare package
  3. egsimcard return process3 3. Attach return label
  4. egsimcard return process4 4. Ship it at Convenience Stores and post offices.